Wednesday, October 05, 2005

That Speech

In a speech that was by all accounts very well received, KC made the following promises:
If you are sometimes fed up and angry with our plight - as I am - you have a choice. You can give up, bail out, and call it a day. Or you can get stuck in, decide to fight, and give it your all. That is what I intend to do
David Willetts keeps telling us that we will all need to work harder and retire later. I am determined to do my bit.
Good for you Ken. It’s just a shame that you are only interested in doing your bit if you can be leader. With the exception of Mr Rifkind, through no fault of his own, the other candidates have been doing their bit for the last 8 years. Where were you?

What’s the betting that if he fails to win, Mr Clarke will suddenly lose his appetite for the rough and tumble of Westminster and instead focus on his other job.


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