Monday, October 17, 2005

A Proper Choice

Gav points out that if things continue as they are, the members will get a proper choice.
If Ken Clarke doesn’t make it to the final round, which I hope is the case, the vote will be interesting as all the candidates will be chosen properly by the party (unlike last time when we had to choose someone other than Ken).
My thoughts exactly.


At 1:07 pm, Blogger de said...

Of course, it will then be anyone but Davis vs anyone but Cameron.

As no one has anything specific to say (other than on drugs) negative voting is always to the fore.

A message to Davis from a pop song: "The drugs don't work, they just make you worse"

At 1:07 pm, Blogger de said...

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At 2:39 pm, Blogger Serf said...

The difference with a Davis / Cameron Final will be that there is a real choice. No Eurosceptic, which is most Tories, could vote Clarke last time, even though they knew that IDS was the wrong choice.

This time we get Style vs Substance, both of which could the answer to our problems.

At 3:48 pm, Anonymous Deckchair of despair said...

I'm not so sure about the "free choice, untarnished by EUsceptic considerations" theory: I understand that if elected Cameron would ditch some of the EUsceptic policies, such as the repatriation of our fishing grounds. That policy alone would guarantee that some could not vote for him, and would have to vote "Anyone but cameron".


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