Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Odd N Sods

Ken is of course the man who can win the middle of the road voters back to the Conservatives. Well maybe not.
Ken Clarke is an unrepentant harbinger of the terrible 90s government.
Others are trying to understand the Fat Man’s appeal. The best I have seen so far:
Support for Clarke has remained quite high surprisingly, maybe due to his uncanny resemblance of the 'granddad' on the Werthers advert.
Meanwhile, for those of you that have not been paying attention, and still actually like the man, The Conservative Leadership Blog has some good news for you:
If you're not quite sure what what to wear at the next Conservative cheese and wine party the funsters at Concept T-Shirts have got the answer.
A Ken T-Shirt, hmmm I think I'll pass.


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