Thursday, October 06, 2005

Your View:

Spotted in your view in the Telegraph.
As a Labour supporter, I support Clarke for Tory leader, even though he will certainly take votes away from Labour. It's important for the country that Tory extremists are banished from mainstream politics.
Charles Lowis
What he means by Tory extremists are of course people who believe in anything different to NuLabour.

Funny how KC's biggest supporters are those who will never vote Conservative anyway.


At 11:47 am, Anonymous mark said...

Hey, I have a conservative blog at that is definitely anti-Clarke. He would be a disaster for the party and the country.

Even his supporters can't agree on why he should be elected. Half say he should be leader because he is the only one who can win. The other half (like Portillo) say the Tories can't win the next election so it doesn't matter who is leader and Clarke would advance the party more. Both arguments cannot be right.

By the way, do you know anything about the case of Savoy asset management? Apparently it is one of Clarke's non-executive positions with some dodgy dealings. Investors are complaining but Clarke won't get rid of the CEO because they are mates. There was an article in the Sunday Times in september but the media haven't covered the story since. Perhaps you can carry the torch with your new blog.

At 4:19 pm, Blogger 8lives said...

I posted the comment on the Telegraph website. Just noticed this blog posting now. Obviously doesn't matter anymore, but anyway...

You on the extreme right can't bear to face up to the fact that you're a minority, and that most of the country do not share your bigoted, hateful view of things.

There are a lot of things I don't like about New Labour, not least its spin and shallowness. That's why one reason why I supported Clarke, cos he DOESN'T represent these things. His style is very UN-New Labour, so he would've been a great antidote to Blair.

You statement that KC's biggest supporters are people who'll never vote Tory is bullshit. However, you basically admit that many of his supporters normally vote for other parties, therefore he is obviously best placed to win over new voters who'll win an election for the Tories. (3 elections in a row, the core-vote strategy has failed for the Tories).

You don't like KC cos he's popular with moderate swing voters. People with moderate political views make you feel uncomfortable, which proves perfectly how extreme your own views are.

As for believing in anything other than New Labour, well in terms of politics, New Labour occupies the centre ground. So it follows that New Labour's biggest opponents are always people on the hard left or hard right.

Charles Lowis


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