Friday, October 07, 2005

Six Reasons

I said give me a reason to vote for you Ken!

So he gave me six
1) Ken will lead the Conservative Party to victory at the next general election:
Ken Clarke is the only leadership candidate who would make voters more likely to vote Conservative.
Nice if its true. I don’t personally believe it though.
2) Ken will win back voters who have drifted to Labour and the Liberal Democrats
Ken Clarke's brand of "One Nation" Conservatism will attract back to the Party former Tory voters. Swing voters back him as leader over his nearest rival by more than five to one.
Its basically the same as the first one.
3) Ken will widen the appeal of the party across all groups
Polls show that Ken Clarke leads his nearest rival in every category of voter. In particular, he has more than twice the level of support over his nearest rival amongst 18-24 year olds and more than four times the support amongst women.
We are still gettng the same answer
4) Ken will accelerate our revival in local government
The party has doubled its representation in local government over the last few years, but there is more to do, particularly in the cities. Polls show that Ken Clarke is the only candidate with the appeal to reach voters in urban and suburban areas.
I don’t believe it, the same answer 4 times constitutes 4 completely separate reasons? Yet we still don’t know whether it is true.
5) Ken will transform the party into a united modern campaigning force
The Conservative Party should represent the people it hopes to govern. Ken Clarke will lead an open and united Party, run with professionalism and integrity, and using the best campaign techniques.
This one we know not to be true. Ken is the candidate most likely to damage the party. As the party is already fragile, thats not something to be sniffed at. As for campaigning force, his only idea is “I want to be leader”, is that what he plans the party’s campaigns to be about?
6) Ken has the energy and desire to be Prime Minister
Ken Clarke is standing in this election because he wants to lead us to victory at the next general election. He is the candidate best able to take the fight to a government led by Gordon Brown.
As opposed to David Cameron who is only in it for laughs, David Davis who has trouble getting up in the morning and Dr Fox who dreams of leading us to defeat in 2009. Who is he trying to kid.

This answer is only necessary because Ken Clarke is the oldest and most out of shape of the candidates.

So in summary, the first four reasons are actually all the same, (all based on the same selective choice of poll results) the fifth one a lie and the sixth irrelevant. Sounds like the basis for a very successful campaign.


At 2:02 pm, Blogger Wat Tyler said...

Excellent job Serf- Ken's almost in Gordo's league for double-counting.


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