Tuesday, October 11, 2005


The Daily Mirror makes up a story in support of Ken
The big beast mauled the young pretenders with a vintage speech.
Funny everyone else thought that the youngest pretender of all gave the best speech. Meanwhile the results of those speeches tell another story:
Among Tory voters, Mr Cameron’s support as the potential best leader is up from 3 to 33 per cent, where he is level pegging with Mr Clarke, whose rating has dropped by 22 points since early September.
Hardly a mauling really, is it, the final electorate is losing interest in him. Plus among the first electorate, Mr Clarke’s standing has also fallen:
A Daily Telegraph survey of Tory MPs on Monday suggested that support for Cameron in the parliamentary party has now overtaken backing for Clarke. The paper said that Davis has the backing of 70 MPs, Cameron 33, Clarke 20-plus and Liam Fox on 21 while Sir Malcolm Rifkind trails on eight.
The chance of KC getting through to the final round seems to dim by the day. No wonder a Blogger from the dark side reckons he is looking for divine help.


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